Van Isle Goddess
Van Isle Goddess Apparel for Resort Beach Cruise Travel wear

I am really excited to introduce

Van Isle Goddess Jewelry & Apparel

to you!


Photography of Vancouver Island on Apparel and Accessories by Roxy Hurtubise

My unique line of apparel and accessories: Makeup Travel Bags, Adventure Totes, Everyday Day Tote Neoprene, Urban Tote, Headbands, Beanies, Dresses, Skirts, Scarves, & Kimono Robes, Draped Kimonos, Shorts, Crop Tops,

Plus home decor & more!

Of course every Van Isle Goddess needs jewelry to compliment her look!   So we created pendants and earrings from natural seashells found on the beaches of Vancouver Island.

We use real freshwater pearls, beach glass or genuine gemstones to create a one of kind piece of jewerly.

Connect yourself to the ocean and to water energy with a natural seashell pendant or earrings.

Access our online store here:  Van Isle Goddess Online Store

A Beautiful Piece of Vancouver Island!

Van Isle Goddess Jewelry