Photography by Roxy Hurtubise on Fleece Blankets
Custom Sizes available photography by Roxy Hurtubise
Original photography by Roxy Hurtubise

Photography by Roxy Hurtubise  

Photographer  Artist   Adventurer

Photography is a true expression of my spirit and my surroundings. To capture the moment.  Nature, plants, animals, sky and water are what I really love to photograph on a daily basis.

My photography has taken me to the world of fashion opening a new door of creativity.  Using my images I have placed them my own unique line of ladies apparel that I call Van Isle Goddess.

I travel Vancouver Island photographing the landscape and wildlife that surrounds us as we travel the natural beauty of Vancouver Island and beyond. This incredible Island I call home offers so many opportunities to photograph and I love every minute of it!

Enjoy my images.  May they lift your spirit and inspire you.   

                                                                         Our goal is to help you create your own harmonious environment.

Thank you for taking the time to view my website.

Sincerely,  Roxy