Painting Lessons with Lloyd Major

Over the last few years I have enjoyed taking painting lessons with Lloyd Major.  Lloyd is one of my friends that will be joining me and others at our Group Of Friends Art Show in June 2017.

Painting is so much fun for me as I get to release the image from my mind to the canvas in front of me.  Sometimes, the painting comes from a photograph I have taken.   Lloyd Major has been painting for years.  He passes along his vast knowledge and expertise in a gentle understanding way.  I have learned a lot in his classes.

Here is a few step by step “painting” images of my Starfish that I completed over several classes with Lloyd.  I used my Starfish image called “Last Day In May”.

Painting with Lloyd Major

The beginning stages of my painting in Lloyd Major’s class.

My painting is beginning to take shape


My completed painting.

My masterpiece is finished!

There many different levels of artists in Lloyd’s classes.  I am a novice compared to most of the artists in the class.  The most fun is to see how everyone’s artwork progresses from class to class.

Lloyd Major teaches here in Parksville and you can find out more on his website