• Yoga Mats by Roxy Hurtubise

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Roxy Hurtubise  

Photographer  Artist   Adventurer

Hi, I am Roxy Hurtubise – photography is a true expression of my spirit and my surroundings.  To capture the moment.  Nature, plants, animals, sky and water are what I really love to photograph on a daily basis.  I always travel with my Nikon cameras and an eye for adventure!

My husband and I travel Vancouver Island and the surrounding Islands extensively seeking out in nature what others may not see or have the opportunity to see.  This incredible Island I call home offers so many opportunities to photograph and I love every minute of it!

Select your image.    Pick your style from Canvas, Wood, Metal, Framed, Acrylic.  Choose your size.

Home Decor and Lifestyle products available for all images:  Shower Curtains, Duvet Covers, Throw Pillows, Tote Bags, and so much more!

Sun Mask Totem Full Sized Image on Shower Curtain by Roxy Hurtubise

Sun Mask Totem Shower Curtain by Roxy Hurtubise using image slider to enlarge the image.

You also have the option on most products to decide how much of the image to show on the item you have chosen.   Use the image slider and then use the background colour slider to create your own personal style.

Enjoy my images.  May they lift your spirit and inspire you.  To view and purchase our original photography and digital art check out our artist website!  To go there click the button.    

   Shop My Photography 

Our goal is to help you create your own harmonious environment.

I enjoy the designing process so much that I have begun to use my images on women’s clothing.  Be sure to check out my  http://www.VanIsleGoddess.Com website by clicking here or on the menu tab.

The Van Isle Goddess website is also home to my Island Goddess Jewelry.

Island Goddess Jewelry is handmade pendants, earrings, anklets using seashells from the shores of

Vancouver Island.  I add freshwater pearls, sea glass and gemstones to create one of a kind jewelry for the goddess you are.

Thank you for taking the time to view my website.

Sincerely,  Roxy Hurtubise

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